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Chico de Barrio represents more than just fashionable clothing, it's a way of living, a way to be.

The Chico de Barrio brand is focusing on organic materials such as cotton, bamboo and several recycled compounds.

This environmental consciousness is very important for us, and shows our respect to our society and our planet.

All our garments are made by a Spanish artisanal association. All artisans have worked in the industry for many generations, and we managed to put all these talents into an association, in order to provide the best quality. The weaving of decades of traditional Andalusian culture, cutting edge design, and choice of organic materials is what makes Chico de Barrio so special.

Our collection for men and women, ranging from street wear to hi fashion, tends to target people from all walks of life, regardless of status, culture or ethnic groups. Chico de Barrio garments are more than just pieces of fabric, they represent a belief, a state of mind




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London Fashion Week

Jamal Calle - Chicodebarrio brand

Jamal Calle interview
London Fashion Week


Jamal Calle

Jamal Calle won the 2013 Menswear Designer of the Year awarded by Members of The Academy of Fashion & Creative Arts (AFCA).

All Chico de Barrio fabrics are 100% organic.

Born and raised in Madrid, Jamal Calle is inspired by all aspects of life from the vibrant culture of music from his country, hip-hop, art, dance, theatre, and the deep rooted Al Andalusian identity that drives his fashion line. As an adolescent, Jamal was heavily involved in the hip-hop and graffiti scene of Madrid, making a name for himself in Spain. Continuing

His love of the arts, he travelled throughout Europe picking up inspiration from every country’s expression of art as well as the human beings he encountered. Jamal eventually ended up in London; falling head first in the multicultural society that the art and fashion scene had to offer. London opened the doors for Jamal’s dreams of fashion, allowing him to showcase his pieces in not only one but also two London Fashion Weeks.

Chico de Barrio Brand, which was actually established in 2003 in Spain, incorporates men and women’s collections as well as accessories, a line that literally covers head to toe. Jamal’s outlook on fashion is not that of a typical designer, he strives to promote human rights as well as protection for the environment through his line by the establishment of an artisanal association, which has worked for generations, manufacturing garments using only natural and organic materials. He hopes to travel around the world and promote the human rights of men and women working in manufacturing companies. Through his Brand, Jamal hopes to make a voice for humanity and a means for human beings all over the world to express themselves.

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    The way to express yourself begins from a change of heart.Chico de Barrio is about how you present yourself - a world without fear of being different.

    Chico de barrio is more than fashion. It's a way to live. A way to be.


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